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Billboards for Education sells affordable attention that makes you famous, more profitable, and helps you dominate your competitors.

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We will never have the most billboards, but we do have the best with the most traffic in Chattanooga, Dalton, Cleveland, Fort Oglethorpe, and Chatsworth. And since attention leads to sales, our signs can help you grow and thrive.

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best prices.

You’re likely overpaying for attention. The average CPM (cost per thousand impressions) for billboards is $3.75. That is slightly less than online ads ($3.80), and much less than radio ($9.50), TV ($13), print ($20.50), or newspaper ads ($39). With us, you don’t have to overpay for attention.

(Source: PJ SolomonUS Major Media CPM Comparison)

Unlimited free graphic design and ad changes.

We provide you with unlimited free world-class billboard ad design. And if you have a last minute sale or marketing idea, you can change your digital ads within hours as often as you like.

Two Industry-Leading Guarantees

Advertising companies rarely guarantee anything, but we’re different. We provide peace of mind in two ways:

No Pressure Guarantee

We have set pricing so you never have to wonder if you are getting the best rate. Plus, we will never pressure you to make a sale.

Buyer’s Remorse Guarantee

If you have buyer’s remorse in the first 1-4 weeks of your contract, we will cancel your contract and return your money immediately.

Being UNKNOWN to potential
customers is the single biggest
reason small businesses fail.

Don’t become a statistic.

We can help.

Trusted by hundreds of business leaders like you.

The ROI (Return on Investment) of Billboards


of Americans

purposely look at
billboards while driving

For every $1 spent on
billboard advertising about


in sales are generated


of drivers

learned about an event
or restaurant by
viewing a billboard

Billboards drive more online activity

per ad dollar spent
than TV, Radio, Print and Banner Ads


of OOH viewers

used their smartphone
to search for an
advertiser on billboards.

Sources: MAGNA, USA Touchpoints, US Bureau of Labor Statistics, OAAA, Benchmarketing, Nielson, Morning Consult, Arbitron, American Driving Survey.

Billboards for
Education’s Locations

We operate the busiest static and digital billboards in Chattanooga, Dalton, Cleveland, Fort Oglethorpe, and Chatsworth.

Are you overpaying for
marketing attention?

Hint: Likely…

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The Billboards for Education Difference

Are you tired of struggling as a business because you are invisible to potential customers and marketing attention is too expensive? As a small business owner, and ex-marketing director, our founder was frustrated with how expensive and out of reach marketing attention was. He launched Billboards for Education to make marketing attention affordable so that small businesses in Chattanooga, Dalton, Cleveland, Fort Oglethorpe, and Chatsworth can become famous and more profitable, for less.

The process is simple:


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Gain attention and sales.

We make it easy and risk free with our No Pressure and Buyer’s Remorse Guarantees. Sign up today and allow us to help you gain attention, make more money, and defeat your competitors.

Plus, as an added benefit, 10% of the profit from every billboard ad goes to local schools. Earning for learning.

Mrs. LeQuire’s 2nd grade class at City Park Elementary received $9,000 worth of iPads and accessories.

“In these times when financial resources for public schools are limited, we are grateful for people like Matt Richman and his unique endeavor, Billboards for Education. Matt not only recognizes the importance of public schools in our community but puts his beliefs into action by providing grants to fund much needed programs and supplies for students through his teacher grant program. Billboards for Education recently provided technology devices for an elementary classroom in our district that are already making a difference for those students. I appreciate Matt and Billboards for Education for taking a personal interest in our students and our schools.”

Dr. Jim Hawkins


Dr. Judy Gilreath


“Imagine my surprise when Matt Richman walked into my office and said that he wanted to give our school system money with no strings attached. His company, Billboards for Education, is a unique way to raise funds for schools without involving any students. Ten percent of every dollar he brings in from his billboard advertisements go to local schools. Our system received a check for $15,000 which we used to fund robotics in our middle schools. Fundraising can’t get much easier than that!”

Whitfield County Schools received $15,000 to expand their robotic’s program into local middle schools.

“Watching the kids’ faces light up when they received their iPads told me everything I needed to know about Billboards for Education. I don’t just recommend Billboards for Education, I encourage you to get involved. The response I’ve received from my ads has been great. Well worth every dollar!”

JT Finley


“Watching the kids’ faces light up when they received their iPads told me everything I needed to know about Billboards for Education. I don’t just recommend Billboards for Education, I encourage you to get involved. The response I’ve received from my ads has been great. Well worth every dollar!”

JT Finley


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We pay landowners more than anyone else

The billboard industry has a bad history of taking advantage of landowners. We’re out to change that by offering landowners more than anyone else.

We always pay on time with monthly direct deposits.

Who doesn’t love mailbox money? Like clockwork, you receive a monthly deposit into your bank account.

We benefit more than
your wallet

Not only do we pay you more than others, but we also donate 10% of all our profits to local schools. So you can feel good knowing that your site is helping impact the next generation

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